Saturday, November 22, 2014

Platte F. Clarke's "Bad Unicorn"...An Introduction

Last September I bought a book from a local author. The book, Bad Unicorn. The Author, Platte F. Clarke. Last week I began reading said book. I have yet to finish it.

But so far, it rocks!

The book came recommended by a member of Platte's writing group. "It's a different kind of book," my friend Dave said.

"How so?" I asked.

"You have to read it to find out."

When you pick up a book called Bad Unicorn, and on the cover is a picture of a unicorn chewing the bones of some creature and another poor unfortunate animal impaled on on its horn, you know the book is not your average middle grade fare. Princess, the unicorn, is anything but. She's not a nice animal, nor is she a nice person when in human form (which I think is a brilliant way to expand the character's abilities...). 

I usually wait until I've finished a book before I write about it, but this time I thought I'd introduce the book and write a review later.

If you've got a middle grade reader who feel like they've "read it all," take a look at Bad Unicorn. Most likely, your reader hasn't read anything like this.

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