Monday, November 24, 2014

The Angel Tree Reality Gut Check...

It makes sense that what should be the happiest time of the year is also the time when some of the most unhappy thoughts can swim your brain. There’s opposition in all things, after all. In our family, this week begins the official holiday season with Thanksgiving coming up, then Christmas in a few weeks and New Years Day the week after that.

Everywhere we turn there’s ads showing us all the things to buy that will bring us happiness. We’re bombarded by songs telling us, among other things, that it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I’ve often wondered why we suddenly feel the need to be nicer to others, give gifts and show our appreciation during the holidays. If doing all that brings us so much happiness, why don’t we do that everyday—not just during this time of the year?

But that’s a different topic for another day.

I’d like to say at this point that I’m not depressed, nor do I like to dwell on the negative, but as I think of the holidays coming up, I’d like to be able to get things for family and friends—things they want. Heck, I’d love to get things I’d like to get. But as with everything, we usually get the things we need and that should be enough.

I took a walk in the afternoon with a co-worker. He had to withdraw some money at his credit union. In the lobby there was an Angel Tree and I thought it might be an interesting picture to post.

It was then I began taking pictures of the non-traditional ornaments. After reading a few of the messages attached to the tree, it made me realize just how blessed my family and I really are. Imagine wanting socks, a coat or slippers for Christmas not because they’re “wanted,” but because they are sorely needed. It’s sobering and eye-opening and it’s something I needed to see today.

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