Saturday, November 15, 2014

Carson Boss's Book..."Your Wife Has Cancer...Now What?"

Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What?: What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens*

I found out the other day that a friend of mine wrote this book, Your Wife Has Cancer...Now What? If you're interested in buying it, you can at the link: HERE. I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but I can garner so much of what this project is just from the title.

It's a cry for help.

It's a search for understanding.

It's a cathartic exercise.

It's a way to show love and respect.

It's a prayer.

I see this as a project to do something! It's like watching your wife go through labor. You want to help, as much as you can--as a husband and father--you'd do anything to help, but in the end, the really hard stuff must be done by someone else.

I'm sure that when I read the book, I'll learn a lot more than what I believe the book to be. I'm sure that there's very useful information that can help. I'm also sure that I never want to actually put that good information to use.

I have enormous respect for anyone who has seen a literary project through to its conclusion. Well done, Carson! And I am so glad things are well with you and your family.

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  1. Thanks for the support surrounding my book. No matter what trial a couple will face the ride is always smoother with two.