Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So, When Is A Guitar...Like A Camera?

That's a good question...when IS a guitar like a camera?

I thought about this today when I was downloading pictures off my Nikon. We were at rehearsal and I had my camera with me. A fellow photog took interest in my little DSLR, so much so she asked to see it. I did not revert to my elementary school days and say, "Look! You can see it from there." Instead, I handed the camera to her and she began taking pictures.

I could tell she loves to take pictures and she was very familiar with it. She began adjusting the settings (with my permission, of course...) then taking shots. Because of where I was sitting in the theater seats, I couldn't really see the results, but I knew that I'd get a chance later. All of these shots she took.

She then gave me a short tutorial on some of the non-automatic functions of my camera that I've been too lazy to learn on my own. And I'm glad she did--I can't wait to try out the new stuff I've learned!

But none of this answers the question of how a guitar is like a camera.

I have a friend, Dave Butler (I've written about him several times...). He and I have attended many Comic Cons and other conventions of late, and one of Dave's signature "looks" is to bring with him his guitar. And at these conventions, there's some down time when we're just hanging out. Many times people will come up to Dave and ask, "Hey, Dave...can I play your guitar?" Sometimes I think they ask if they can "see" his guitar, but I digress. 

I don't recall a time he's turned down the request. So the person gets the guitar and begins to strum and create music that they've practiced in the past. When I watched my friend take pictures, it reminded me of that. Every guitarists plays the instrument differently. And it's the same with a photographer's eye. We all see things differently and the art that comes from each of us is unique.

So, when is a guitar like a camera? When it's used to make something beautiful.

Oh, and with my new knowledge, I took this last picture.

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