Friday, September 18, 2015

Fine Dining With The Cub Scouts...

This last week a bunch of neighbors gathered at the local church for a cookout. We held a Cub Scout Pack Meeting, the one we hold each month. But this time we did things a little differently. I brought along my camera to see if I found anything interesting.

We went to the city and asked if we could have an open flame at the local park. Nope--we were still under a "no open flame" advisement. Of course, when we asked about having a cookout, few suspected the temperatures on that day
would be in the 50s after having rained all morning.

Oh well--we had a good time at the bowery next to the church. We had a choice of cooking methods. We could choose Caveman or Civilized. Most of the cubs chose Caveman. The adults picked the other. Once dinner was done and awards were handed out, we had s'mores.

I came home smelling of campfire. I'm glad I took my camera. Turns out, there was a lot to see.

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