Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jeff Lynne...A Voice I Seemed To Have Always Known


Last month I was talking to a friend and the name Jeff Lynne came up. As we discussed the man and his music, I realized I had not heard his songs in quite a long time, too long. A few weeks ago a cable channel broadcast his live show at Hyde Park.

I was blown away.

At the music and at the memories that came flooding back. 

The memories I didn't expect.

I grew up in the days of vinyl records, 45s and LPs, cassette tapes and AM/FM radio. In our living room we had a turntable and a couple of really nice speakers that my dad built (speakers I still have, even though they're not hooked up...) and a radio/cassette tape deck. We didn't have a lot of records, but I remember listening to RUSH and STYX so many times I probably diminished the sound quality from the records.

And we had Electric Light Orchestra albums as well. ELO is one of those bands that changed the musical world, like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Eagles and a number of other acts. Except you don't hear a lot about ELO's impact. At least, I don't. Maybe people talk about and write about them and their importance, but I don't do a lot of music research.

I can tell you that the music was absolutely wonderful! And time has been kind to the Jeff Lynne's voice. He sounded great in the broadcast. Of course, I Googled Mr. Lynne while I listened to the music that I once loved (and loved again watching the show...). He is such an accomplished musician, producer and creative artist. He's quite amazing.

I know, being born in the mid-1960s there was a lot of music that I heard before ELO came along, but as I sat and watched and listened to the songs, it seemed I've always known those songs and that voice. Maybe I ought to download some of those albums on iTunes.

I wonder if by playing them over and over again I can diminish the sound quality...I think it's worth a shot to find out.

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