Thursday, September 17, 2015

For Our Sons...


I think I heard about Daren before I met him. "He's a surfer from California," is what I was told. Turns out Daren and I ended up being LDS mission companions--not for too long, only a couple of months. But it was long enough that since then, almost every time I see a photo or video of a surfer or watch a movie about surfing, I think of Daren. That was over thirty years ago.

Thirty years ago this month he and I rode our ancient bikes across the cobblestoned streets of Odense, birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. We saw many things and met many people and I was always in awe of Daren's confidence. And I learned a lot about surfing. Now, I've never surfed, but when I see a true master of wave and board, it's a thing of beauty. 

And I always think of Daren.

Yesterday Daren posted information on Facebook about the Quicksilver 2015 King of the Groms Surfing Competition in which his son, Jordy, is competing. You see, son has followed his father's kick out in the soup. Daren wants as many people as possible to vote for his son. I've never met his son, Jordy, but whenever I see his picture, I see Daren.

You can support Jordy by following these simple rules.

Scroll down and click the orange button: VIEW ENTRIES

Then scroll down and click on Jordy Collins's name. Find the Facebook LIKE icon, click it and you've voted for Jordy. And if you've got a second or two, check out the video. It's really beautiful to watch.

Interestingly enough, my own son is currently living in California. He's not surfing or entering competitions of any kind. He's doing what I did thirty years ago, making life-long friends of his own. And maybe, just maybe thirty years from now, my son'll be talking about his friend's son. That would be cool.
Vote Jordy!

* Awesome photo taken by Nathan Petty and used without permission

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