Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con '15...Panel #4: Saucy Or Gory?

Saturday night a few of us writers will gather in a room and talk about the world's oldest profession...


At the last Salt Lake Comic Con I struck up a conversation with a good friend, Craig Nybo. We discussed writing and other things. I had finished his book, Allied Zombies For Peace. It's a book I highly recommend.

But I warn you, it's a little gory.

The talk I had with Craig got me thinking. I have a lot of friends who write, shall we say, books with lots of blood and guts. I've tried it--in fact, I'm trying my hand in this genre right now. But what I don't have is a lot of friends who write romance, or stories that go into the more "R" rated category. 

I had an idea for a panel for the next Comic Con. I submitted my idea and it was chosen. Now, me and several other authors will talk about sex and gore. The official title of the panel is:

Writing The Sins: Sex vs. Gore

And I'm the moderator. Comic Con has given this panel an +18 rating, but if I can help it, it won't come to that. I'm more interested in why they write what they do and why they make the choices they make.

On the panel will be the following awesome authors:

Dave Butler
S.A. Buter
Rhiannon Paille
David J. West
Lynette White

The Daves and S.A (Sara) I know. Rhiannon and Lynette I don't.

It's one of the last panels of the entire event, so if you too would like to find out why authors do what they do when it comes to these two genres, please join us, September 26, 2015, 8pm in Room 255F. The panel might not turn out to be what you think it will be, but I'm going to try to make it a great experience for everyone.

This is the last of my panel blog posts. It all begins tomorrow and I can't wait! See you there!

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