Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Robison Wells's "Blackout"...A Book Review

Blackout (Blackout, #1)*

Imagine, if you will, if seemingly unlimited powers were suddenly bestowed on millennials. Well, you don't have to--Robison Wells wrote a whole series using that theme.

I've only read one other of Robison's books, Variant. The booked focused on a troubled teenager who is transferred to a new school, a school that is not what it seemed and more than he could possibly imagine. I'm waiting to read Book 2 of that series.

In Blackout, I can definitely see a maturity in his writing. I imagine it's still considered a YA novel, but anyone who enjoys dystopian stories with a factor of mutant killers thrown in will love this book.

Right from page one Robison grabbed me. I just saw on Goodreads that there's a Blackout 0.5 story in the series. Not that the book necessarily needed it, but I can see where a prologue would be useful. Even without an extensive setup, I enjoyed having to focus a little bit on what was happening to Aubry and how she was able to do the things she did.

We're introduced to teenagers with special powers, powers they use for both good and evil. Because we're thrown into the story so quickly (it's a very fast read, or if you've go the audiobook version, a fast listen...) that it wasn't as clear to me why some of the kids were so evil. Some of those details could be contained in Going Dark, Book 0.5, and some of it is explained as the story develops. Still, it's not enough to detract from an engaging tale and kept me entertained from cover to cover.

If Robison has a trait that I dislike, it's how effective his cliffhangers are. He really knows how to make you want to read his next book. Actually, it's a love/hate thing with me. I'm just glad I was able to download Book 2, Dead Zone and was able to begin reading/listening immediately after I finished Book 1.

So, get a copy of Blackout, sit back and enter a world where millennials have all the power. Heaven help us all!

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