Monday, September 21, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con '15...Panel #3: Write Like A Master Composer

In three days we'll gather from across town and across the world. Yes, we're mere hours away from the grand event that is Salt Lake Comic Con. And continuing my tradition, I'm blogging about the panels I'm on.

This one is going to be great!

Of course, they're all great, or have the potential to be. But I was on a similar panel last year and I loved it. 

The title of this panel is: 

Write Stories Like a Master Composer: 
Using Musical Concepts to Make Your Writing Sing

Isn't that a cool title? The correct answer is YES!

And accompanying me on this magic carpet ride are the following panelists:

Dave Butler
M. Todd Gallowglas
Michael Jensen
Craig Nybo
Peter Orullian
Jenniffer Wardell

Of the group, I've not met (or if I have, I've forgotten--surpassing middle age can have that effect on a person...) Peter Orullian or Jenniffer Wardell. The rest I've met and many I consider great friends.

So, if you're at this year's Salt Lake Comic Con on Friday, September 25, 2015 at 7pm, just head on over to Room 255E and see how you can make your words sing. Who knows...maybe we'll do a little singing ourselves. I know many of us can.

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