Monday, September 14, 2015

Mr. Diggs...You Surprised Me

The other day I got an e-mail, a notice that alerts me to when someone has followed my on Twitter. If you're on Twitter you've gotten them as well. Unless, you've turned off the notifications. 

I am not a big social media guy, at least, I don't think I am. It's all a matter of perspective. Compared to some of my extended family, I'm a BIG social media guy. I do post a daily picture on my blog, on Facebook and on Google +. I also link my daily blog post to both Facebook and Twitter. I admit that I use Facebook the most, but not as much as I once did.

So, when I get e-mails about new Twitter followers, I'm a little surprised. I'm not one to solicit a lot of followers, and I doubt I'll ever pay for followers as some services promise to do.

The e-mail alerted me that I had a new follower, one Mr. Taye Diggs. There's about a half a million of us Taye Diggs followees out there, and when you put that up against seven billion, I'm part of a semi-rare group. There are some celebrities I follow (not many...) and they usually follow almost no one in return. Mr. Diggs, however, follows about half a million people. This tells me he's a little different than most celebrities. 

I don't know much about him, but what I do know I like. He was not ashamed or afraid to show real emotion after the passing of his friend and co-star Paul Walker, another celebrity about which I've heard good things. Mr. Diggs hasn't gotten into the kind of trouble about which a casual fan like myself would have heard. He seems like a stand-up guy. He's also wickedly talented, if you're familiar with his work.

I don't know how he found me, or if he has someone to manage his various accounts that found me. It would be interesting to one day find out. Needless to say, I was surprised. I got into my Twitter account and quickly followed him back. 

I wonder if he was surprised.

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