Friday, December 18, 2015

Curtain Call...

I was fortunate enough to participate in another production and that show ended last night. Because of a change in the schedule, I did the final show for both casts--a first for me. I took along my camera and snapped some pictures of the cast. Unfortunately, I was unable to get everyone's picture.

Here are pictures of those who dedicated our time and pledged our talents to make the show the best it could be. Tonight we didn't arrive at call. We didn't check out our mics or do mic checks. We didn't gather for fight call and run it at either 1/2 speed or 3/4 speed. We didn't meet in the green room and warm up our voices, and especially if it was our cast, the kids didn't swarm their adult friends, those friendships meaning everything to those beautiful children.

So, for all of us who made the journey together, this is for you. 

Toyland, toyland, little girl and boy land
When you dwell within it...
You are ever happy there

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