Friday, December 11, 2015

Six Years Ago...Wearing The Robes

Thanks to Facebook I saw a picture today. It was a picture of me from Facebook's "Memories" feature and it served its purpose. The picture brought back a lot of memories. I hadn't realized until I saw it that it's been six years since I dressed in graduation robes and received my second degree.

I wasn't blogging back in 2009. I began this blog January, 2011, so just over a year later. There's a lot of things I could have included had I blogged while I attended graduate school. Of course, there's no guarantee any blogs I would have written while in school would be any more (or less...) interesting than the ones I'm writing now. Still, I would have liked to have those memories recorded.

Returning to school fifteen years after I received my bachelor's degree was a big move for me. I had no idea when I began how much I would love learning. In high school or as an undergrad, I was never what you would call a good student. I got Bs and Cs so I didn't know if I could "make the grade" as it were with the big boys. Turns out, I did pretty good as a grad student. I was pleasantly surprised. My grades helped to make the whole experience so much better.

Once again, I thank Facebook for reminding me of the events in my life and the life of my family. Facebook wanted me to "share" the picture with others. Instead I downloaded it and used it on the blog post. 

Six years ago today I joined thousands of other graduates to receive their degrees. It was a day I hope I never forget.

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