Friday, December 4, 2015

Rick Joseph...Welcome To Utah!

A few weeks ago as I walked to work I spotted a small piece of paper on the street. This was a few hours before the sun rose above the Wasatch Mountains and the street was as dark as the sky overhead.

Now, I normally don't pick up pieces of paper lying in the streets on my way to work, but from the size of it, I assumed (correctly...) that this was a business card and I wondered to whom the card belonged.

Turns out, it belongs to Rick Joseph who just happens to be the 2015--2016 Michigan Teacher of the Year. And that got me to thinking...

How in the world did Mr. Joseph's business card end up in the middle of a street in downtown Salt Lake City in November, 2015? I have no idea, but there's a story behind it. I'd love to know what that story is. Did Mr. Joseph have a speaking engagement in town recently? That could make sense--being one of fifty people in the whole world (assuming each state has a Teacher of the Year for 2015--2016...) might make Mr. Joseph an interesting speaker discussing things like, how does one become a Teacher of the Year? Who makes these decisions? Do you get to ride in any parades?

At least, these are the things I think about.

Did Mr. Joseph give his business card to someone else and that person inadvertently misplace the card while in town? That could have also happened. There's millions of possibilities, actually, and frankly, Michigan's Teacher of the Year for 2015--2016 might not even know himself.

Do you ever wonder if there will be a time when we'll know everything? In my religion that's one of those things that we believe is possible. So, if we can know everything, maybe finding out a little thing like how a business card ends up not only lying in a dark street, but becoming the subject of a somewhat creative daily blog post might be some of those fun things to know. We'll see...


  1. Based on the 2015-2016 part, let's assume he's a time traveler. Otherwise, how would anyone know how good of a teacher he will be next year? That certainly makes it more exciting.

  2. Yes, John--as always, you bring up a very good point!