Monday, December 21, 2015

I Never Met David Larsen...I Wish I Had

When you're involved in a project, you get to meet many people. When you're involved in a theatrical production, you connect with people on a personal level, something that's hard to match. If you've kept up with this blog over the past twenty or so months, you know I've done a few shows and each time I come away with new experiences and new friendships.

But there's one person I never had the chance to meet, even though he worked on several shows I was in. Earlier this year the theatre celebrated the life of David Larsen by dedicating a Ghost Light in his name. My daughter and I are used to arriving a little bit early for the shows we're in and sometimes when we'd enter the theatre the only thing on stage was David's light.

David passed away Sunday, October 18 of this year. Because many of David's friends are also my friends, I saw an outpouring of love for him and read many heartfelt wishes for his family. I've heard it said that you can judge someone by their friends. Even though I didn't know David, I can tell that a wonderful person left us back in October, a person who touched many lives and will be missed.

So, when you go to a show at the Centerpoint Legacy Theatre in Centerville, Utah, once you and everyone else leaves the theatre, there is placed a lone light atop a plaque sitting on the empty stage. And that light remains watching over the chairs and speakers and spotlights making sure all is well.

No, I never met David, but I wish I had.

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