Saturday, December 12, 2015

Why I'm Waiting Until February To See The New "Star Wars" Movie...


There's a couple of factors that made me decide not to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it comes next week. Even though it pains me greatly, I've made up my mind.

1. We don't see a lot of movies in the theatre. A lot of my friends say (when talking about certain movies...), "You've got to see this movie in a theater," or "this one was made to be seen in a theater." Most of the time I ignore this advice and just wait until it comes out on Redbox. I know waiting until it comes out on DVD that I'm missing the whole "theater experience," but when you see maybe one film a year in the theater, you've demonstrated that the "theater experience" is not that important. At least, it's not as important as forking out the big bugs these films cost nowadays.

2. Since this will inevitably be the most successful film of all time, the hype associated with this film is possibly the most prolific of all time. Millions of words have already been written about the film and it's not even out yet. The show is everywhere. Today, while shopping, we saw a R2-D2 humidifier for $55. There was also a box of Yoda marshmallow cereal with--and here's the important part--collectable boxes. It made me wonder just how many "collectable" Star Wars things are out there. Plus, overhyped stuff has the potential to deliver large disappointments (even thought, I personally believe this is going to exceed even all the hype...).

3. But if you offered me a private screening at no cost to me whatsoever, I'd turn it down. Why? The main reason I'm waiting a few months to see this show is this: I'm waiting to see the show until my son gets home in February. My son is serving a church mission and he won't be home for a few months. One of the many missionary rules is no movies, unless they're church movies used to help proselytize. When I was a missionary, the big big movie that many of us wanted to see but couldn't was Back the the Future. I had to wait a year and a half to see that one.

So, I told my son I'd wait to see the show until he gets home and we can see it together. I know I'm running the risk of having it be gone from all theaters--even the dollar theaters--in February. And if that happens, I'm okay with it. There will be more Star Wars movies coming out in the future...

And there's always Redbox.

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