Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Superstars Writing Seminar Scholarships Announced...

News was announced today that I was looking forward to hearing. In fact, I was more anxious to hear about this news than I am seeing the new Star Wars film.

Today the scholarship winners to Kevin Anderson's Superstars Writing Seminar received their good news. I applied for this earlier in the year.

I was not chosen as one of the five. That honor went to: Jacqui Talbot, Holly Roberds, Scott Parkin, Karen Pellett and Barbara Nickless. Of these, I only know Scott Parkin. He and I (and a few others...) were on a Philp K. Dick panel at this year's LTUE Conference. Great panel!

Good for them! I'm happy for them. When I sent in my application, I had no idea the level of competition I'd be facing. Nor did I know if my application letter was what it needed to be. I'm so out of practice in preparing documents like that.

I would like to thank two people, Dave Butler and Jennifer Greyson Rasmussen for taking time out of their busy lives and writing character references for me. That was a class thing of them to do. I feel bad I wasn't chosen for their sakes.

The seminar is held February 4-6, 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a town where we lived for one year back in the 1990s. It's a beautiful place to be. I can still go, of course. I'd just have to pay full-price. That may still happen if some things fall into place. However, those "things" are beyond my control so we'll see.

And, there's always next year...

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