Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Understanding..."The Cloud"

I consider myself somewhat "techie" especially when it comes to Apple products. In fact, one of the positives forwarded by Apple is their user friendliness.

But when I signed up for iCloud service, I felt like I had forgotten everything I ever knew about computers. That's why I signed up for a workshop at our local Apple Store, and boy, did it help!

I suppose I could have done a little research, visited a couple of websites with the answers that I needed, but since we've got an Apple Store a mile or two from my house, I thought I would just sign up for a class and see if my questions could be answered. There were two of us and Eric (or Erick...) was the instructor.

Eric (or Erick...) did a fantastic job. Both of us students had questions and Eric(k) answered them all. The workshop lasted an hour and when I got in my car to drive home I was much more familiar with the iCloud program specifically and about Apple products in general. So, if anyone asks me if I feel the time spent surrounded by hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment while learning about the latest technology, I'd say...yeah, pretty much.

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