Tuesday, December 8, 2015

So, You've Decided To Get A Plant...

So, you've decided to get a plant. For those of us who work in a cubicle jungle, or even if you have an office with four walls and a door, you have to make some personal choices. Should I get a plant or not?

This was one decision I didn't have to make. It was made for me. With a co-worker departing, he did not take with him his plants. The next day there it was, just waiting for a new parent.

And I guess I was looking for a new responsibility.

It's not the healthiest plant, but since I'm not a horticulturist, it might be just fine. I'm keeping it watered, but it's the sunshine that worries me. There's not a lot now that it's winter (or almost winter...). My co-worker thinks it is doing fine and showed me some new growth. Obviously, she knows more about plants than I do.

A few years ago I had a little bonsai plant a few years ago...it was pretty cool. I think I was planning on taking it to my cubicle, but it didn't quite make it. Here's hoping my little bamboo sprig will survive into the coming year.

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