Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is Office Depot Anti-Left Handed? You Decide...

Today I had to use an item found in most offices that I haven't had to used in quite some time...

A Side-Application Correction Tape.

That's what Office Depot calls them.

Now, being left-handed, I'm used to things being designed with right-handed humans in mind. I've lived with this fact for fifty years so a little piece of plastic shaped to be used by right hands doesn't faze me, but as I looked at the item, I noticed something. Whoever made this thing--I believe--was also thinking of us left-handers, the red-headed stepchildren of humanity.

I noticed how well it fit in my left hand. Not as well as it fit in my right hand, of course, but it felt good. I then looked into my drawer that holds all the office things that should be best kept out of sight and I spotted another side-application correction tape, also from Office Depot.

This time, my faith in the designers or the buyers who choose which side-application correction tapes they should buy fell. This Office Depot example did not pass the "maybe they were thinking of us left-handers when they designed this" test. It didn't feel as good in my left hand as it did in my right. Oh well--can't win them all.

Being left-handed, there's a kinship we feel when we see another person writing with their left hand. There's a unspoken code between us because we we know the injustices and humiliations we've each endured. Some of us are more sensitive to these injustices than others. I hope I'm on the end of the spectrum that doesn't care. Because, personally, I always thought using the green-gripped scissors make me look like a dork.


  1. I bought some GREAT lefty scissors from Office Depot recently, and you can always ask them to try and look into getting more left-handed equipment! So don't lose heart!

    1. I won't! I didn't know they even sold lefty scissors. Good to know!

    2. IF you're on twitter, just tweet about it! They'll try and help you out!


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