Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Decking The Halls...Earlier Than Normal

We're doing things a little bit different at our house this Christmas. Our normal pattern is to wait when it comes to getting a tree. We usually wait a week or more into December before we go look. And, because of they way our house is shaped, we try and get a tall tree. Budgetary (and spacial...) considerations mean we usually get tall, skinny trees. Some people don't like tall skinny trees. We do.

But this year, we saw a sale for trees at our local grocery store. We NEVER get grocery store Christmas trees. Not that they're bad--we just usually go to our favorite tree lot. But this year we found a nice, inexpensive tree (see "budgetary" above...).

And it's not a tall skinny tree. It's a semi-tall full tree. We like those, too. The kids did most of the decorating tonight and they did a great job. They put up ornaments, lights and set out the Nativity scenes. When it comes Christmas decorating, we're a little earlier this year than we've been in year's past. That's okay with me.

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