Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dave Butler's Books...Now Available At My Local Library!

The other day I checked out our local's library selection of new books. Little did I know that among the new listings a series written by a local author was found. I'm happy to say Dave Butler's Rock Band Fights Evil series can now be downloaded from the Davis County Library.

I immediately downloaded the first book in the series, Hellhound On My Trail and began reading it the very next day. I've known Dave for about two and a half years and I've heard about this series for almost as long. Imagine if you will a rock band that is damned to hell then given an assignment in order to redeem themselves. Okay, I might have got the gist of the series wrong--Dave tells it much better than I do (of course he does--he wrote it...). 

I've only read a couple of chapters so far, but I have to praise Dave for making the bass player more than just a butt of a series of unfunny (maybe occasionally funny...) jokes about how lame are bass players. I was once a bass player in a garage band and I can tell you that bass players the the "redheaded stepchildren" of the rock and roll world.

I'm glad my library decided to pick up Dave's series. I'm glad it was available to download. I'm glad I met Dave at the first ever Salt Lake Comic Con and that we've been friends since. And I'm glad there's a series out there about hell-bound rock and roll players where the bassist has an interesting and important role in story.

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