Saturday, December 5, 2015

People Who Live With Glass Tables...Should Not Stand On Them

The funny thing is I climbed on top of the table in order to try and stop someone from getting hurt. You see,  for each show the theater does, some amazing people decorate our green room. And what they did for Christmas was beautiful. For one decoration, they hung a huge exercise ball on the ceiling. The problem came when that huge exercise ball became separated from it's connection and it fell down. Some of the kids were kicking the ball around and it was big enough to cause some serious damage. I thought if I could reach the ceiling and retrieve the thing it was attached to, I could re-attach it and put it back up, thus eliminating any potential problems.

So, I positioned the table in the room and climbed up on it.

There was one big problem...

The table had a glass top.

Okay, two problems...

It had a glass top and I didn't know. That table had a tablecloth on it and it never dawned on me that there was glass under there.

So, I'm standing the table and suddenly, I'm falling and the sound of shattering glass fills the empty room. Screams of "What was that?" filled the halls as those not in the room heard the commotion and came to investigate.

At first, I was just dazed and embarrassed. I felt like an idiot for doing something so stupid. It was then I saw the blood. Somehow when I fell, my wrist was cut--not badly, but enough to start bleeding.

It took some work, but we finally got the bleeding to stop. I had to do the show with a bandage wrapped around my hand. It wasn't until later that I found out, my left foot did not escape unscathed. It got pounded, too (I wasn't wearing shoes when I stood on the table...). After the show I took off my shoe and saw the results.

It's been a week since all this happened. I'm still healing, and doing better. As I did the show that night, I realized that I could have been hurt so much worse than I was. I could have had my arm or leg sliced open, but that didn't happen. My stupidity could have ended up costing more than the cost of a replacement table. I am very lucky. I'll probably always have a scar on my wrist, a reminder of my poor choice. Hopefully it will make me remember not to stand on any more glass tables.

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