Sunday, January 31, 2016

ABC's "Last Man Standing"...A Show We Just Discovered

I knew the show had been on the air for several seasons, but we'd never watched a single episode. Then again, there's MANY shows which we've never watched. I guess if we did watch them, we'd like them, then we'd do nothing but watch TV shows.

And we don't necessarily want to do that.

But, the other day I watched one of the best movies to be made about "Geek Culture," Galaxy Quest, and I had forgotten just how good Tim Allen is as a comedic actor. About a week ago we fell asleep to a movie. The TV is then set to the last channel we were watching before the put on the movie. And when we turn on the TV late in the afternoon or evening, Last Man Standing was on. We wouldn't watch it, though.

This time, however, I decided to watch it, and we've watched many episodes since. If, like us before last week, you're not familiar with the show, Tim stars as Mike Baxter and Mike works at "The Outdoor Man Sporting Goods Store. I guess it's like a Cabela's (even though I've never been in that store either...).

Mike has three daughters, one of which is a single parent raising her son. Mike's not your average television character. He's a conservative and our current president is the butt of many of Mike's jokes, as are other current "hot button" topics. Back in the day, we watched Home Improvement, but not religiously. It was a great show, too. I always admired Allen's acting ability. I think had not Jerry Seinfeld been so big, Tim Allen would have gotten more respect as an comedian-turned-actor.

There was another show long before Last Man Standing, Home Improvement or even Seinfeld. It was called, All in the Family. It centered around an opinionated conservative character, too. Archie Bunker became an iconic figure, something that's become a derogatory thing to call someone in today's society. Baxter is no Bunker, not to me, anyway. But I can see why people might make the comparisons. 

The best thing about finding a series five years after it first aired--we can binge-watch.

* All photos used without permission from the American Broadcasting Company

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