Wednesday, January 6, 2016

University Of Utah Football 2015...The Season That Was

Utah Football*

College football for the season--except for one game--is over. And what a year it was for the University of Utah.

Talk about a roller coaster ride!

If you had asked me a few seasons ago if a 10-3 season for the Utah football team would be acceptable, I would have said, YES! A few years ago the team was unworthy to even play in a bowl game. They had not earned the right. But this year--boy, had things changed!

I tried not to believe the hype as the Utes went 6-0 and were ranked #3 in the country, but it was hard. They went undefeated twice since 2004--you can count on one hand teams that have also done that since then. Could they do it again?


They weren't good enough. They didn't have the players. It's frustrating as a fan to realize the "what could have beens" when you look at a team and their games. And many fans--myself not included--were upset over both the bowl selection and the opponent. But, the good news for those of us who enjoy seeing the U of U football team prevail, is they won their bowl game and finished the year 10-3, a top 25 finisher and, by beating the other two big teams in the state, the best football team in Utah for 2015!

All in all, I enjoyed the season. Sure, had they won one more game they would have played for a chance to play in the Rose bowl. Had they only lost one game, they would have played in the NCAA playoffs.

Well...there's always next year.

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