Friday, January 22, 2016

Takin' Down The Lights...

So, what do I do when the temperatures hit mid-50s in January?

Take down the outside Christmas lights.

Today was a beautiful day. Sure, I would have liked it to snow a foot or two (because I was home and didn't have to go anywhere...). But if you like sunny days in January, you'd have loved today in Farmington, Utah.

We don't put up a lot of lights. Our house lends itself to being a great house for Christmas lights, but I'm too chicken to crawl out on the west side and hang up lights. We also have some great tall pine trees just to the east of our house. It would take a cherry picker to put lights up there. One year I'd like to try. We'll have to rent some heavy equipment, but it would be fun. All the lights I put up can be hung with an eight-foot ladder.

Some leave up their Christmas lights all year. I understand that. I think if I did hang lights on the west side of the house, I would leave them up all year, too. But since our lights are relatively easy to put up, they're also easy to take down.

The lights are put away waiting to be pulled out and untangled. I'll bring out the ladder and put up the lights. And I'll be happy to do it because it will mean that Christmas is just around the corner.

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