Monday, January 4, 2016

Dave Butler's "Hellhound On My Trail"...A Book Review


Have you ever read a book where the main characters are members of a rock band and they fight evil? Chances are good if you know author Dave Butler, you've read just such a book. If you don't know the author, I recommend you check out one of his many books in the Rock Band Fights Evil series.

The first book in the series is Hellhound on my Trail and I finished it on the bus ride home this afternoon. The story begins with a rock band playing your basic gig in an out-of-the-way bar in New Mexico. The bass player Mike is new to the group and his life is going nowhere. In fact, after the music stops, Mike has plans of his own, plans that involve ending the personal torment he's facing.

Good thing Mike joined this group of musicians. You see, normally rock bands invite evil, not fight it. But this group is different. As the rockers rock a hellhound and demon crash the party complete with death and giant attacking metal flies. 

We, along with the newest band member, have many questions and as Mike learns more of Heaven, Hell, androgynous drummers, wizard keyboardist and other surprises as the adventure unfolds. Seriously, I'm once again blown away by Mr. Butler's imagination.

I'll be checking out the second book in the Rock Band Fights Evil series soon. This was a very fast read and the pace of the action never waned. There's nuggets of humor strewn throughout the book that had me laughing--not out loud, of course because I was on public transportation and no one wants to be "that guy..." Glad to have read the book. Glad I know the author. Glad Butler didn't make the bass player some patsy, butt-of-the-jokes guy. Glad there's more to come. If this sounds like a book you'd like, please give it a try!

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