Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dave Butler's "Snake Handlin' Man"...A Book Review

Tonight I finished Dave Butler's Snake Handlin' Man, Book #2 in his Rock Bank Fights Evil series. There's just nothing like a Dave Butler story.

This one is no exception.

The story picks up where Hellhound on My Trail, Book #1 in the series, leaves off. The band is kicking back at a diner, but because this particular rock band must fight evil, evil shows up. Now, to say the author has an active imagination is an understatement. The concept of flying killer snakes requires some thought. Butler kicks it up a notch when he explains where the snakes come from.

The band does not escape the battle unscathed. Because one of them is injured, they must now find a cure to the deadly venom, and this leads to an even deadlier, even more bizarre battle than with the flying snakes.

Like Book #1, this is an incredibly fast read. We follow our heroes to a preacher who may hold the secrets on how to defeat their latest enemy. Soon the band find themselves in the basement of a Sears big box store in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma battling evil in a scene that can best be described as Indiana Jones meets Caligula meets H.G. Lovecraft. It's pretty wild, man!

As I finished the book, I was amazed yet again of Mr. Butler's vivid and entertaining imagination. Luckily for me (and for you...), there are several other books detailing this band's unending fight against evil. On to the next!

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