Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So...Who's Next?

By the time the news of Glenn Frey's passing hit the news, may lamented, "Another one? When will it end?"

The answer is, it won't.

January 2015 has been a tough month for celebrity deaths, and the month's not over. My guess is before it ends, there'll be a few more famous people pass away.

We live in a world where we are so connected. If we want to watch REO Speedwagon perform live from 1981, we can; it's out there somewhere. We can binge-watch an entire series of TV shows from the 1970s to today; it's available as well. We get to interact (or, interact as much as we can...) with those celebrities, rock stars and famous people in a way that wasn't possible a few decades ago. And those who we watched and listened to for all those years are reaching an age where people pass away.

Some say that when these things happen, they happen in threes. That's pretty much bunk but it's what we remember. Our favorite stars are getting older and we feel connected to them in ways no other people have ever experienced. 

So, like it or not, there will be more and we'll be saddened and wish we could watch and experience more of what made them so special. But, it's not all bad--we can enjoy so much of what they gave to us whenever we want. Yes, we live in an interesting time.

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