Monday, January 11, 2016

Tim Harford Gives A Great TED Talk...

I don't know about you, but I sort of have a Love/Hate relationship with TED Talks. Some of them I absolutely adore. Others, especially when it comes to anti-Christian or communism talks, I'm not so impressed with. Today I saw a couple of great TED Talks, one on the consequences of responding to spam e-mails was hilarious, but it was the second TED Talk I watched today that really affected me, so much so, I thought I'd blog about it.

Maybe it was because I have an idea for a web series and I was in a creative mood, maybe it was because the speaker wasn't promising an easy fix when it comes to creativity, but whatever the reason, Tim Harford's talk entitled, How Messy Problems Can Inspire Creativity, was--for me--a home run. 

You can access the link: HERE. I know nothing about Mr. Harford or his credentials, but he offers several examples of how making like just a little bit uncomfortable or difficult can improve the creative process. Maybe that's why some of our greatest art and literature are produced by tortured souls. I don't know--just a thought. But I have heard interviews from some truly creative people and many of them have admitted that if it weren't for the trials and tribulations, they wouldn't have had those breakthroughs, and the world would be a lesser place because of it.

The talk is sixteen minutes long. If you're trying to create something new, or would like a fresh perspective on the creative process, I recommend you check it out. It may just prove an interesting talk for you, or it could just change your life.

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