Thursday, January 14, 2016

Amazon's "The Man In The High Castle"...Sort Of Like "Little House On The Prairie"


Let me explain.

For those of you who have seen both the 1970s TV series Little House on the Prairie and Amazon's TV series The Man in the High Castle, you're probably thinking there's absolutely nothing these two productions could possibly have in common.

There was at least one thing they had in common--they're both based on books.

I remember back in elementary school, so that would be the mid-1970s, a new television series was about to begin. I was excited about it because during that time our teacher was reading to us Laura Engles Wilder's series. I couldn't wait to see all those stories we'd heard read to us portrayed on the small screen. But because I was so young, I didn't realize that, though the characters were the same, the stories would be different. I mean, if they followed the books, there's be no way the show could continue for more than one season.

The show came on. I watched a few episodes then became disinterested. I didn't continue to watch it because it wasn't like the book.

Fast-forward several decades. Last year I read Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle. It's a great work of fiction. The premise is genius--America in the 1950s where Japan and Germany won WWII and how things might have been.

I found out that Amazon was making the story into a series and so I watched it. Just like Little House on the Prairie, some of the characters were the same, but the new TV series expands on the Philip Dick's original source material, expands on it a lot.

I hope I've matured in the years since elementary school. At least, I think I have. This time I didn't let the fact that so much was different from book to series ruin the show for me. And even though both shows were similar to me in one way, there were many, many ways in which they differed.

Namely, Ms. Wilder didn't use so many swear words to get her point across...

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