Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Manipulation Of Light On A Foggy Morn...

Last Thursday I got off the bus and was welcomed into different world, a world of fog that muted all light. I loved it! Then again, I've always loved fog.

I snapped one picture with my iPhone hoping it captured the mood of the morning and if it did, it would be my Pic Of The Day. Anyone reading my blog post last Thursday night or saw my blog on Friday realized the picture did turn out.

But I didn't get out my good camera. That remained in my backpack (I was needing to get to work, after all...). But as I sat at my desk looking out at the streets below, I realized I just had to get out there. I had to see what my camera could capture.

I've thought it many times that when you break down photography is its most basic form, all it is is the manipulation of light. It goes without saying that when you have no light, you cannot have any photography. It sounds simple (and it is simple...), but it's true. And when every light source--even that coming from an ambulance on a morning call--is affected by a natural phenomena, you've got to see it and be in it and have it envelope you. And, if you can, try and capture the way it makes you feel with a two dimensional photograph...or several photographs.

These aren't all the ones I took, and had I more time (I was on a very short break, after all...) I might have been able to get some better pictures, but I was happy with what I did get. It was a beautiful morning and I'm glad I could experience it.

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