Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Thought I Had A Unique Idea For Today's Blog Post...But I Was Wrong

I have, on more than one occasion in this blog, explained that when you write a blog post everyday, sometimes it becomes a challenge to find something unique to write about. It's one of the reasons why I offer some thoughts on books I've read, especially when I can read/listen to a couple of books a week.

So, yesterday when the Mrs. and I took a trip in the car early New Years Day, I saw an opportunity for a blog post. As it many times happens, the blog post title came to me when I got the idea:

"Does It Snow Inside Of Your Car...?"

I snapped a few pictures with my phone and felt good that I had a post that just needed to be written. And when I have a couple of these blog posts just waiting to be written, I usually don't worry about my blog throughout the day. That's what happened today. I knew all I had to do was retrieve the photos and write a hopefully interesting blog post.

No problem.

Except when I've written the exact post I wanted to write a couple of years ago. That's the danger of writing every day. Back in January, 2014 I had the same idea. I snapped a couple of photos and wrote my post. You can read that post: HERE. I wrote about my first car, a '65 VW bug and how interior heating was nonexistent. I wrote about how I had to use the ice scrapper not only on the outside windows, but the inside as well...the exact things I was hoping to write today.

So, for the second time since January, 2014, here's some thoughts about how I've had to scrape the outside and inside of the windows on my car so I can properly see. It's strange to see flakes of ice on the dashboard of the car and it's something I doubt many have to deal with. I wonder if tomorrow's blog post will resemble something I've written before. There's a good chance it might.

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