Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Taking The Stairs...Now It's A Push

For the past several months the elevators in our building have been iffy. We were "encouraged" to take the stairs, and I have. I've tried taking the stairs over the past fifteen or so years I've worked in that building.

But since it's a new year and many have resolutions to improve their health, there's some new artwork in the stairwells complete with pens. We're not encouraged to not only take the stairs but let others know we're doing it. I guess it's a cross between peer pressure and camaraderie. 

I thought I'd show some of the tactics used in this life-changing champaign. Of course, some of the comments aren't really associated with the "Choose Health, Choose The Stairs" effort. I guess that's what happens when you put Sharpies and paper in public places and tell them to "express themselves."

Will it work? We'll find out!

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