Saturday, January 16, 2016

We Have A Funny Son...

Actually, we have three funny sons, but this blog is about our oldest. This week he sent us a package. He's currently serving an LDS mission. We sent him a present for Christmas that he needed to send back. Inside the package was an item we were expecting. The other gifts--we weren't.

Before he left and while he's been out, he has been making balls out of rubber bands, sort of like a little hobby. There are worse hobbies, I'm sure. In the little letter to us that came with the package, he identified five items and told us to whom a necklace, a keychain and three little rubber bands belonged.

We came to find out that the little rubber bands are now known as "seedlings," rubber band seedlings. Our son sent in the mail three seedlings for his siblings to begin their own rubber band balls. I thought it was hilarious!

And when he comes home in a couple of months, I wonder if these seedlings will actually grow. My gut instinct says, probably not.

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