Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Philosophical Thought That Came To Me Today...

I must be getting old. Because I had a thought come to me while I was at work. It's something older people think and they often times express verbally, even though they probably use different words. 

Here's what I thought:

One major problem with our society is that we are under the delusion that life, solely based on the fact that we have been born and exist, should be easy and without pain.

Of course, this can be expressed differently: life sucks and then you die. Or the more succinct:

Life is not fair.

I saw a co-worker today who was talking on her cellphone in a hallway. I think the writer in me took over and I wondered if she was receiving bad news and therefore, needed to be away from the general population to take the call. It could have been a simple call without anything serious discussed, but if the call did bring bad news, would she feel like life was cheating her? Would she feel like she was getting a raw deal? 

I've heard it said that everyone you see--everyone--is dealing with a crisis in their life. I believe it. At any given time we all deal with financial issues, health issues, relationship issues, and if not us directly, someone we are close to is.

So, if my philosophical thought has any merit (and many might think it doesn't...), identifying a problem is only half the issue. It doesn't help anyone unless there's a way to remedy the problem it highlights. I suppose the only way to fix the issue that everyone thinks life should be fair is to let them experience it and find out for themselves that it really isn't. 

Maybe it comes with age...

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