Monday, May 16, 2016

Good Deed Revolution...Their Name And Mission Statment

I listen to a lot of podcasts, probably too many. I should really delete many of them from my playlist. What I have been doing lately, is if there's a podcast interview and I don't know the person, most likely I won't listen and just delete the episode.

But today I decided to click on an interview from someone I didn't know, Brandy Vega, creator of the Good Deed Revolution. I'm glad I chose to listen.

Brandy has an amazing story. Her life growing up was filled with trials and challenges. The same could be said for her adult years, yet she made the conscious decision to not wallow in self pity, but to use her talents and training to make like better for other people. She could have easily chose another path, but she didn't.

From their website: 

Good Deed Revolution is a non-profit organization focused on promoting good deeds throughout the world. We provide an online platform for sharing inspirational stories of charity, recognizing businesses and individuals who make a difference, promoting good works throughout our communities, and helping people connect with other who can or need help. Individuals and organizations benefit from generous contributions of goods, time, talent, and compassion. Our mission is to lift and inspire people one good deed at a time. We want to become a trusted global source of goodwill and caring by sharing inspirational and life-changing stories of compassion and love.

There's something about hearing another person talk with passion about what they do that makes you want to be a better person. It's especially gratifying when they dedicate their life to serving others. If you have a moment, listen to The Cultural Hall Podcast featuring Brandy and her organization. You can find the podcast: HERE. It's about an hour long. You can also follow the group on Twitter (@Gooddeedrev), or find them on Facebook. I did, and borrowed their cover photo (I hope it's okay...).

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of extra income to donate to causes, but I do have this little blog so I'm going to try and help by pushing their message into the digital universe. You can visit the organization's website: HERE. If you're looking around at society and in any way questioning the future of humanity, take an hour of your time and listen to Brandy's story. She just might change your mind.

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