Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dave Butler's "Devil Sent The Rain"...A Book Review


You know, I thought I knew about the Rock Band that fights evil between gigs--even during gigs--but I was only kidding myself. I've read three Rock Band Fights Evil books so I assumed the fourth installment of the series would be more of the same.

I suppose Devil Sent the Rain possessed some qualities of its fellow books. There's a rock band that fights evil. The band members were all the same and they fight gruesome monsters, but what I didn't see coming was the band fighting monsters while trying to escape from being trapped inside a giant human being, that may or may not be one of the musicians. Then Gods show up to finish off the band, once and for all.

Yeah, it's like that.

But it's so much more. To escape the six-legged creatures that were once music listeners, the band turns to their keyboardist, Adrian, their lovable narcoleptic wizard. He tries a spell that lands everyone inside what is first thought to be a house, but then turns out to be a person. Personally, I don't believe I've wondered what it would be like for a tiny human to try and escape being inside a large human, but Butler's book gives me a taste of what it might be like.

And I thank him for that.

As other books have highlighted a specific character, in this one we learn more about Adrian. We learn about how he became a wizard, the good and the very bad. Butler's ability to make us believe and care for these characters is on full display in this book. 

My advice: pick up the book or download the digital copy and just let the story take you. Don't overthink it, just enjoy. It's a story like you've never read before, a fun ride!

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