Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Book At The End Of My Desk...

If you work in a place that has cubicles, you'll see different things that adorn the walls, desks (and sometimes floors...) of the work spaces. We humans like to show our individuality any way we can. I'm working in a new building and I'm getting to know my co-workers in part by the things they've surrounded themselves with while at work.

A co-worker at my part-time gig asked to read some stories from my book. I happily agreed and loaned it to him for a couple of weeks (he had some kind words about the stories he read, and he gave me an awesome review on Amazon, the reviews you can read: HERE...). He gave the book back after the last shift we worked together and I decided to put it at the end of my desk as a way to show a little of my individuality. So far no one's asked about it or even taken notice, as far as I can tell.

Maybe they'll just see it as another book, something that I'm reading during my breaks. If they take a closer look, they'll see the the author's name and that it matches the name hanging on the cubicle wall letting everyone know the name of the person assigned to this particular cubicle and the one currently sitting in the chair staring at the twin computer monitors and typing away at the cubicle.

I recently attended a panel at a writing symposium where the incredibly talented and multi-New York Times Bestselling Author Kevin J. Anderson spoke. I've heard him speak several times, but this time he talked about success. The term "Don't quit your day job" came up and I was impressed by his response. The man had several books on the bestseller list before he quit his day job. Thinking about this, I wondered what the end of my cubicle desk would look like with a string of books with my name on them on my desk, books that are in libraries and on sale at book stores. I wonder if anyone would notice them then.


  1. I love this. Today especially I think I needed this. Thanks, Scotty.

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad I could help!