Thursday, May 5, 2016

I've Been Tagged...Seven Lines From Page Seven, But That's It!

Tonight I was tagged. I was picked by a fellow author to share a portion of my latest Work In Progress.

There's three parts to this little 7/7/7 game. I'm to share seven lines on page seven of my WIP. And then, once I've shared these lines, I'm supposed to tag seven other authors and have them do the same.

That's where I draw the line. I mean, I feel good that I was included, that someone thought I'd like to participate and that they'd like to read what I'm writing. To be honest, I'm interested to see what those seven lines will be from my story.

So, here's those seven lines from page seven of my story:

Eyal jumped as the door to the adobe home flew open and crashed against the wall. Avi’s black frame stood in the doorway, and a rush of wind engulfed the home’s interior, extinguishing the flame and awakening Eyal’s mind.
“Eyal! The sheep—hurry!”
The boy sprang to his feet and followed his father out into the storm.
“What’s wrong?” Eyal yelled. Avi ignored the question, but ran with a determination Eyal seldom saw.

That's it. Thanks Sarah for thinking of me! Sorry I stopped this particular line of the game. But, with everyone else tagging seven other people, I'm not worried it will continue. Oh, and if you'd like to read more, give me some time. It's not done yet. ;)


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  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your WIP! It's fun to see what others are working on. :-D