Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mom-In-Law's Sweet Rolls...

The other day my mother-in-law stopped by and she brought over a freshly-made tin of sweet rolls. And boy! Were they good! 

That's not a question, but a definitive statement--they were good.

My kids have made sweet rolls for us in the past, and we've even found some sweet rolls that we like--a multi-stacked pack from Costco. If you've had them, you know what I mean. They're pretty tasty, too.

But my kid's grandmother's will give all those others a run for their money. Ever since I met my wife, my mother-in-law has always been a phenomenal baker and cook. Of course, when I met my wife, my mother-in-law (she was my future mother-in-law at that point...) had had a lot of practice. She raised four kids--my wife was the youngest. And she was a working mother, having earned her degree a little later than most.

But cooking and baking weren't her only skills. She also excelled in housekeeping and especially gardening and yard work. Again, if you've seen her yard, you know what I'm talking about. She keeps up those skills to this day. The sweet rolls testified of that.

So, when I met my future mother-in-law she was kind of like a "Super Mother-in-Law."

And she still is! Thanks, Carol--for everything!

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