Friday, May 13, 2016

A Friend's Plea..."Clockwork Charlie, The Kidnap Plot"

My friend Dave Butler posted on his blog today about an upcoming event for which he is extremely excited. And for good reason--he's worked hard for it.

His book, The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie, The Kidnap Plot is being published through Knopf and will be launched one month from tomorrow, June 14, 2016. In Dave's blog post he explains some of the details surrounding the publishing world and his hopes for how this particular book fits into that world.

I've read the book (my review can be read: HERE). I loved it! It's exciting and tender and fantastic and fun. Dave turned to Facebook and his blog today to do a sort of "pre-launch announcement." So, I'm doing what little I can to help the pre-launch along.

If you're looking for a great book for your kids--or even yourself--please follow this link: HERE. It will direct you to Dave's blog (it's a great place to visit even if he's not hawking his own, and other's works...). On his blog is a link to the book's Amazon page where you can pre-order the tale of Clockwork Charlie.

When all the craziness of life is said and done, we're basically a product of our decisions. And if you decide to buy this delightful little book, I can say without hyperbole, your life will be 1000 times better. Yes, it's that good. You'll thank me later.

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