Monday, May 30, 2016

Doodling...And Other Church Time Activities

Yesterday in church we had a discussion about some of the disadvantages (and advantages...) of having electronic devices becoming so prominent in our lives. It's funny because almost all of us were using our phones during the meeting. Actually, they had some good advice. Heaven help us if all our electrics no longer worked.

I looked over and sitting next to me was my seventeen-year old son. Did he have a smartphone? Did he have an iPad or a PS3?

Nope--he had an old fashioned distractive device.

A pad of paper and a pencil.

Son's rocking it old school.

Over the past couple of months, my son has taken up drawing. He's loving it and I know I'm biased, but some of what he's come up with is pretty good. He uses a method where he draws basically a doodle then looks at it a while until something forms. He said a lot of the drawings he's done in church turn out to be animals.

So, pick your poison--pencil or pixel. I choose the latter, but if I had talent (and patience...), I'd prefer the former.

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