Monday, May 9, 2016

Blurry Outlook...It's A Matter Of Perspective

I was in a unique situation last week. The assignment I had held for almost two years ended and I returned to the job I had before I accepted the assignment. But, at the same time, I had applied for another job, a job I was qualified for and one I felt I might get. So, even though I had relocated to the new office, I kept all my stuff in the boxes just in case the new position came through and I'd have to put everything back in my car and unload it all at my new desk.

Then the new job for which I applied didn't work out. I didn't find out until mid-week last week. It was strange re-learning a job that I might not even be doing. I found it hard to focus. When the news hit I didn't get the job, focus on relearning everything became my number one priority.

That's why I found the view from my new desk so funny. It's an older window so it doesn't have a built-in tint to help block the direct sunlight the windows receive. Newer windows, like my co-workers, do have that built-in feature. They replaced her window a few years ago and the view is beautiful.

For me, it's still a nice view, just blurry. I have been tempted to take that film that tints the window and peel it back, even a small portion would be okay--just enough that I could see the blue sky. I don't, of course, because I'd probably get in trouble. And there may be others working in the office who don't really care that their view is blurry. Then it probably cost money to put up the aftermarket tint and I'd have to repay that cost.

Still, it's a matter of perspective. The new job became less blurry once it became clear I didn't get the other job. And even though I still can't see clearly out the window, I at least know where I'm going to be for the time being.

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