Sunday, May 22, 2016

Enjoying Google's Chromecast...Finally

A few years ago we bought a little techie device called the Google Chromecast. We were so excited about the possibilities. And, it was so cheap, $35 back then. We bought it at Best Buy, and plugged it in as soon as we got home. After a little time trying to figure it out, we logged on to a website and hit the rectangle box to start our entertaining enjoyment.

Well, it didn't quite work.

And we were bummed.

The darn video kept buffering. We tried casting the video from my wife's computer first. Her's is not the most current laptop and so we thought her computer might be the cause of the buffering. We tried it with our Kindles--still buffering issues. My laptop's newer, but it didn't fix the problem.

We ended up unplugging the Chromecast and putting it in the drawer. Every now and again we'd try it, but the result stayed the same.

And then one day, we tried it again, last Friday night, actually. And wouldn't you know it--the darn thing worked perfectly. It worked so well, it was still a technological miracle years old even though it was several years old. How many things can you say about that?

Why the difference? Why did it work this time and not all the times before? It seems the Chromecast technology always worked, but our problem was the lack of a decent internet modem. Since the last time we tested it out and last Friday, we replaced our old, out-of-date modem with a shinny new one.

And that (quoting Robert Frost) has made all the difference. I guess having the latest and greatest sometimes isn't everything.

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