Friday, May 6, 2016

Cabela's...My Dad Would Have LOVED This Store!

When the news first broke, many couldn't believe it. We watched it rise from a former field west of town, the large building exciting many with the possibilities. 

Cabela's was coming to town.

There's another Cabela's about fifty miles to the south of us. It was the first one in Utah. The new one that opened last month in Utah is the state's second store. Today I entered the doors of a Cabela's store for the first time ever.

There's a lot to see once you go inside; it's a sportsman's paradise. Guns, gun safes, fishing and camping equipment, cooking supplies, hunting clothing, even remote control drones are packed within it's walls. There's also many stuffed animals in every section of the store, and a tank with several fish that I could not identify swimming around. It was beautiful.

There was one thought I had that came to my mind over and over as I walked among the merchandise, and that was how much my dad would have loved this store. My dad was the very definition of a sportsman. He used to shoot game to feed his family. He tied his own flies for fishing and reloaded his own bullets for hunting. I've mentioned several times that he was an expert marksman and the advancements in personal firearms over the past forty years would have impressed him greatly.

Yes, I'm sure he would have loved Cabela's. Too bad he never go the chance to see it.

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