Saturday, July 9, 2011

The '68 Cadillac...

Being in a community theater production around a small town's annual "feel good about where you live" celebration means that participation in said annual celebration's parade is not exactly mandatory, but considered a nice thing to do (and since my daughter is also in the play and loves being in a parade, I did the nice thing...). This morning we had our town's parade and somehow, we got an incredibly beautiful 1968 red Cadillac Coup DeVille convertible assigned to our humble performing group.

My experience with Cadillac's is limited, but if one of these land yachts were given to me, I would probably drive it with pride.

The owner of this particular car dropped by before the long walk and proudly proclaimed that he had seven cars in our little parade, and the driver of our car said she had a pink '57 (with the fins...) of her own.

It was/is an incredible car and it garnered its share of longing glances as our yellow-clad troupe slowly meandered down Main Street distributing candy, waves, acknowledgements to friends and neighbors and small slips of paper advertising our little play. We had a good time.

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