Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shopping At Costco On Saturday

Few things strike fear in the heart of a shopper than to imagine these words: I need to go to Costco and it's Saturday. But why? That's what we found ourselves doing today, and (as usual when we go there on a Saturday...) the experience wasn't that bad. The detour from the freeway turned out the be the most unpleasant part of our trip.

What is it about Costco? The place is amazing...kind of like a mini-Disneyland (and like Disneyland, you have to pay to get inside even if you don't buy anything...). I wonder what most of the world would think if they ever set foot in a Costco store. I mean, the shear size overwhelms, but since we're used to the massive space, it's no longer impressive.

The place has everything, everything you want and need, and everything you want and don't need. And just to complete the circle of shopping, it has stuff you don't want and need and don't want and don't need. Where else can you buy--under one roof--a cell phone and plan, get patio furniture, a bicycle and/or skateboard, the latest NY Times bestseller, and food staples sold in such quantities so as to cause hernias when trying to lift said food staples? (I guess, Sam's Club is a logical answer of where else a person can find these things under one roof, but that's pretty much the same thing...).

We usually park at the same place in the huge parking lot--in the side lot to the north. There's usually a good spot, but on those very busy Saturdays, we sometimes have to park behind the building on the west side--it's still a shorter walk than parking on the east side.

Today wasn't bad. It's incredible how efficient they really are when the crowds gather and the credit cards fly. It's also incredible to calculate just how much $$ goes through that place on an average Saturday. Way to go, Costco!

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