Friday, July 22, 2011

Memories Of A Friend...

Today I recalled a memory, or a couple of memories and they were all hatched by Facebook (ah, Facebook...).

In many ways, life in Jr. high school was simpler, but, of course, life is never simple in Jr. high. Back then I played in the school band and I played the coronet--it's like a stubby trumpet. I honestly didn't practice enough to be good, good enough for first chair, that is...

But Clif was. Clif was not only good, he was great--even in Jr. high. He was always first chair. And Clif had a trumpet, no stubby coronets for him. I say this in jest. Clif was not only a good musician, but a better person.

Clif continued developing his talent. I quit band before I got to high school. Years later I found myself singing with the Mormon Youth Chorus and Clif was in the Mormon Youth Symphony (both entities are no longer in existence--the fault of their downfalls cannot be attributed to neither Clif nor I...). I remember a trip the groups took. We traveled by bus and we frequently performed together. I think we were going to Provo, but that's not important to the story.

I do remember Clif being interested in a girl who was on that bus. We were talking and then we weren't. And if I'm not mistaken, Clif ended up marrying that girl and they have a beautiful family (of course, if I'm mistaken, I apologize...).

What does this have to do with Facebook? While killing some time this afternoon, I checked out Facebook and I noticed that today is Clif's birthday. I wished him the best on his special day and he was kind enough to respond. Clif still is a great musician, and now, an even better person. Happy birthday.

Photos taken from the Davis High School yearbook, Volume 70 (they got nice color photos of him. Me? Mine were black & white...must be that talent thing)

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