Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Choir Room

The Choir Room

From our house you drive south, turn right, go down a short hill, turn left then drive a block. At the end of that block lies a pioneer home and in that home is a room--the choir room.

We have in our neighborhood a kindly couple who have offered our humble choir a place to practice on Sunday mornings, and we thank Betty and Woody (yes, that's their names...) for allowing us into their home.

And what a home it is! If I had the time, I would be able to photograph so many things just in their front room. Books, nicknacks, photos of family members who've gone before. It's an amazing room and I hope we do the room justice with our music. Maybe, we're even entertaining some of Betty's and/or Woody's kindred spirits (or any other spirits who just might happen to be hanging around the house...) with our combined voices. It might be happening--none have complained so far...

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